Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Music for toddlers (that doesn't drive adults nuts...not all adults anyway)

Toddler D loves music. She asks for music on all of the time and whilst she'll tolerate the radio (my choice of station...I won't give away my age by telling you which) she'd sooner have 'children's music' on. The usual nursery rhymes and hokey kokeys are ok for a few minutes but in large doses make me want to cut my own ears off.

So, the quest began to find children's music that she, I and Daddy can all enjoy together. As a rule of thumb all 3 of us enjoy/can tolerate folksy style of music so you’ll find most of my recommendations are along these lines. Toddler D went through a stage of loving Bj√∂rk which suited myself and hubby down to the ground but alas a few months later she wasn’t so keen and wanted to sing along…I may be able to sing along happily to Hyperballad or Earth Intruders but the lyrics really are not suitable for a two year old! 

When Toddler D was Baby D, a friend recommended Lullaby by Sophie Barker (of Zero 7). I then discovered this was part of a box set of 3 albums called The Rainbow Collections. It has a lullaby disc, one called Toy Box with nursery rhymes and Snowflake, a selection of (mostly secular) Christmas songs. It's a really lovely collection. It has a folksy vibe with a genuine band playing the music and it's generally very pleasant and Sophie's voice is so beautiful. 
A few CDs I picked up from Amazon
Here's a few others that I found in a variety of places like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon (all links below are iTunes but you can find them in other stores and streaming sites):

KIDS music for PARENTS that hate KIDS music by various artists. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Shake it up! Shake it off! by various artists. Super fun. The song I’ve Got a Goat has a 90s indie vibe to it (I’m generally stuck in the 90s with my music taste)

Remember Lisa Loeb who sang 'Stay (I Missed You)' in the 90s? She has done some lovely kids’ music
Camp Lisa is a cute and slightly bizarre album all about going on camp.

Catch The Moon by Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell is super sweet and one of my favourites along with:

You are my Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell. This one is guaranteed to cheer us up on a grey day.

Little Folks by Bobbie Lancaster. My favourite song on this one is called Bananas. A lady with a gorgeous voice singing along to a guitar.

The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee by Bari Koral Family Rock Band. Folksy and fun. Dancing Bear is a firm favourite in our household and always gets a spontaneous hop around the living room from Toddler D.

Sing Along! by Caspar Babypants. Like a kids version of Jack Johnson I’d say, really fun.

Sing-a-longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George by Jack Johnson. Everyone loves Jack Johnson and his chilled out surfer tunes.

Mary Had a Little Amp by various. Theres a few weird ones on this but it’s generally good and pleasant to listen to. Includes Maroon 5’s version of Pure Imagination and songs by Moby, Jack Johnson, Madonna, REM and Lou Reed.

Songs for the Young at Heart by various. Includes a beautiful version of White Horses sang by Cerys Matthews and The Lion & Albert poem read by Jarvis Cocker (remember Albert gets eaten by the lion so some children may get upset by it!)

Anyhoo, have you heard any of these or fancy giving any a try? Let me know your recommendations.

Dawn x


  1. Even my toddler loves mysic and rhymes to. The music acts like a magic portion, they are getting stubborn and veey cranky and the moment the music starts, they are quiet.

  2. music is really important for toddler's. Toddler's love music alot. My toddler start moving hands on every music i play.

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