Sunday, 14 August 2016

Paintpotts - painting pottery with a toddler in Thornbury

I'm always on the look out for different things to do with Toddler D (can’t really call her Baby D anymore now she’s 2 years old) and when a new pottery painting shop in Thornbury opened I knew we had to give it a go. Toddler D, like her mummy is rather arty and crafty. She’s painted pots before elsewhere and loved it and I’d never painted any pottery myself before but really wanted to give it a go.

Paintpotts is in the centre of Thornbury in a lovely old building. When you walk in it is bright and airy with a large selection of things you can paint from tiles to jugs and figurines on display and beautiful rainbow of ‘splats’ of each colour that you can use when painting your chosen item - the colours look quite different once fired so this is particularly useful. We were welcomed by super friendly staff and they explained to us how things worked clearly. They were on hand for help when needed and were especially good with Toddler D.

I’ve been twice…so far…and will be going again very soon! 

You can simply turn up and get cracking. No need to book. They also have special sessions like toddler mornings on Mondays and Wednesdays which we went to. It’s story theme painting (we did Elmer the Elephant) followed by playtime in play zone. 
Toddler D painted a tile. We started off trying to paint Elmer but she is extremely independent and hates my interference especially when her creative energy is in full flow so I just let her get on with it. She produced a lovely, colourful abstract tile with no resemblance to Elmer whatsoever.
the artist at work

I ordered a cup of tea - yes - you can have a cuppa whilst you work. They serve a good selection of food and drinks. There's hot and cold drinks, paninis, kids foods and their cakes are extremely yummy.
I also breasfed Toddler D - mid painting - at the table, in full view of everyone whilst she wore her apron and waved a paintbrush around. Nobody batted an eyelid which was refreshing. In fact I saw another mummy across the room do the same with her toddler too which made me very happy. 
After Toddler D had finished painting she went to the play zone. It’s a brilliant play area with wendy house, books and loads of toys. Perfect to entertain little ones. And something that I especially liked about the play area is that it’s very clean. One of my pet hates in play cafés and places with toys available is that more often or not everything is grubby or even filthy. But here it’s all fresh and lovely and well maintained.
this wendy house is very popular with Toddler D

a toy kitchen is always a winner!

Another special session they do which I went to on MY OWN (going anywhere on my own for fun seldom happens) was Ladies Night on a Thursday 7-9pm. I went along with a few friends. We sat and painted to our hearts content in the lovely atmospheric room upstairs that was decorated with fairy lights and candles with relaxing music playing and you can even bring your own wine and they’ll provide the corkscrew, glasses and nibbles. I was driving so drank tea instead and had a great big slice of chocolate cake to myself. It was bliss.
I painted a jug which I’m really rather pleased with.

For the smaller children there are Ikea Antilop high chairs - always a winner for us and they also have booster seats which are a fab idea for the slightly bigger but still little kids. And the kids’ polka dot aprons are just too cute.

The toilets are immaculate complete with nice decoration and lovely pottery on the windowsill. We are at the stage now where I have to change Toddler D's nappy on the floor (I have a fold up changing mat) and I would have no hesitation here. It's spacious and spotless, you even get an individual hand towel to dry your hands.

All in all we loved it and will definitely be going again in the near future.

Have you been yet?

Dawn x


  1. Definitely sounds like you had a lovely time with Baby D, absolutely love the pottery painting concept, hope something like this opens up in my town too. Hoping to see more posts from you soon.

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