Tuesday, 9 February 2016

We are a cosleeping family: How we made our family bed

I mentioned in my post about ‘How and why we became a cosleeping family’ that we are creating a family bed. Well, it is now complete. We are now the proud owners of an 8ft4 wide bed! It’s AMAZING. We, as a family are getting the best sleep we’ve had since the arrival of Baby D.
Excuse the wonky photo, here's our family bed!

We decided to go for it on a ‘proper’ bed as opposed to mattresses on the floor because cosleeping really works for us and we’re in it for the long haul. We also need some under bed storage as our home is very small.

Our idea was to get 2 of the same bed frame: one king size (to fit our current zip-lock mattress) and a single to bolt onto the side. We chose Tarva frames from Ikea as they were budget options along with being available in the required sizes. We also got a set of duvet covers to match the one we already had. Single mattresses/beds are 10cm shorter than doubles which was news to me but it doesn't really matter. In fact it makes a handy place to keep a little step for Baby D to use to get up and down from the bed easily.

Once we’d pushed them up together and one side against the bedroom wall there was a small gap between the mattresses which we stuffed with pool noodles and popped a mattress bridge that I found on Amazon on top. That’s it really, very simple.
This bridges the gap between mattresses , simple but clever!

At the moment Baby D (not really a baby anymore - she’s a fully fledged toddler) sleeps on top of the single duvet whilst wearing a Sleep Snuggler - basically a sleeping bag with legs and a toddler pillow. I don't think she's ready to go under a duvet yet.
If during the night she rolls into my space in the bed I simply fold back my duvet and allow her to sleep there then I hop onto the single bed and get under the duvet. It works really well.
If and when we have another baby we'd have to stuff the gap between the wall and the single mattress and remove the duvet until baby was toddling.

Additional bits and bobs include:
  • Under bed boxes for storing more rubbish from Ikea.
  • iPad on a flexible stand for video baby monitor app attached to the headboard.
  • Ewan the Dream Sheep (we have used this every night since baby D was a few weeks old. He works great as a sleep cue) attached to the headboard.
  • Hanging storage pouches (Stickat) from IKEA to store alarm clock, tissues etc. Hubby and I have one each hooked onto the back of the headboard.
  • Babytec auto fade lamp (precariously balancing) on headboard for night feeds…it actually fell behind the headboard before I took the photo so I need to rethink where to put that.
  • Bolster cushion for comfort during seated night feeds - sometimes I sit up, sometimes I lie down.

Do you have a family bed or are you tempted?

Dawn x