Sunday, 20 September 2015

Reusable wet wipes - how I do it

So I'll start off with a little apology for my radio silence. Life has gotten in the way recently! Lots of sickness, lack of sleep and a bigger than usual workload has left me unable to keep up with writing as I would like. I was generally overwhelmed and wasn't able to focus - I'll write about it another day. Hopefully we are through now and posts may resume as usual.

Anyhoo, as you probably know I am a fan of cloth nappies and reusable wet wipes and recently quite a few people have asked me for advice about them lately...not just what brands etc but exactly how my system works and what equipment etc is needed.

So, at the risk of writing the most boring blog post ever here is my guide to wet wipes and I'll do a nappy post soon too.

Please be aware there is no right of wrong way to do it. This is purely a system which I've cobbled together from tips I've picked up plus trial and error.

I have two sets of wipes. One for bottoms, one for faces and hands.

I like bamboo wipes for bottoms as they have natural antibacterial qualities. We have 30 white ones that I got from Easy Peasy Wipes and we never run out. I chose white/cream colour so that I can see when baby has been wiped clean if you know what I mean...bit gross sorry.
I found the perfect sized plastic box in Lakeland for keeping them in at home. I make a litre or so of Chamomile & Honey tea (chamomile on its own smells a bit weird to me) and pour into the box. I then pop the wipes (dry) into the box and let them absorb the liquid. If there's too much just squeeze them out a bit or too dry add a bit of water then pop the lid on and you're ready to go.

When it comes to going out and about I just pop a few wipes from the box into a brilliant little wet bag I got from H&M for only £1.99 - it's actually a wash bag.

When they are used I pop them in the wash with the nappies. I wash at 40ยบ with non bio powder (not liquid and never use fabric conditioner!) and add a scoop of Mio Fresh nappy sanitiser. It's not got any nasties in it but kills bacteria that may be lurking.

Once washed I always dry them before soaking in the tea otherwise they get a damp and unpleasant odour.

Face and hands:
I use microfibre Cheeky Wipes in a bright colour and have 25, again I never run out. 

I don't soak these like the the others, but run them under the tap when needed as I also sometimes use them for drying like tiny towels.

When used I put these in with the normal clothes wash.

So that's it, all rather simple really. Next I'll write about my nappy system - this is a little more complicated.

Dawn x

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