Friday, 28 August 2015

Affordable clothes part two: Maternity clothes

When I was pregnant I quickly grew out of my normal clothes. At 4 months nothing fitted any longer so off I went merrily to the high street to buy some maternity clothes. To my horror I found everything was baggy on me. And I don't mean just the belly area but the whole thing, I looked like a little girl in her mother's clothes. Why oh why they all start in size 10-12 I do not know. Now please don't get me wrong here. I am not some tall waifish model type, but a tiny 5ft, slightly built, skinny with small boobs except around the hips and bum area which are rather buxom. I'm the average size of a 12 year old with bottom and boobs added on (see my previous post). Clothes are difficult enough to find in my size but I get by...or at least I did get by. Even the strappy tops were baggy on the boobs! They had nice designs in reasonable prices in H&M, Topshop, New Look and online from ASOS but hardly anything fitted with the exception of 2 dresses from ASOS that they did in a size 4...there's no way they were actually a size 4, they were more like an 8-10 and I bought them because I was clutching at straws (they only truly fitted when I was enormous in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy). I did however find some great over the bump leggings and jeans in H&M so got a couple of pairs of each. But what to wear on the top half? I decided to look at secondhand stuff. Up until Baby D was born I volunteered at a St Peter's Hospice charity shop so that was my first port of call. I ended up finding lots of great bargains in charity shops, not just St Peter's but all over the place. I found dresses and tops that were neither maternity nor my usual style but we're very stretchy and roomy. Here's a few of my bargains:
None of these are maternity wear, just roomy and stretchy (and charity shop bargains!)
And, as and when I passed clothes shops I'd have a quick look at the sale rails and ended up picking up a couple of nice things for special occasions again were not meant as maternity clothes but we're very stretchy and roomy.
Below you can see my work outfit (I'm a photographer and this is me working at a wedding at 30 weeks pregnant). I wore my over the bump leggings underneath the dress and nice comfy Sketchers Go Walks for my swelled up feet. And the other was to wear at a wedding, I love that dress. And bonus, it fits postnatally and I can breastfeed in it too. Winner!
2 bargain sale dresses, left one Warehouse, right one Yumi
Maybe you could pick up a few bargains yourself!

Thank you to Blue Daisy Photography who did the top middle photo and bottom right.

Dawn x

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