Saturday, 4 July 2015

My favourite app - Day One

So when I did my post about my favourite apps I stupidly forgot my absolute favourite! What a wally. Anyhoo, that means it gets a whole post devoted to it.

It's called Day One and is basically a photo journal on your iPhone or iPad.

I've been using it for around 3 years now but it really came into its own through my pregnancy and with the arrival of Baby D. I ensure I take at least one photo a day (more often than not of Baby D) add tags and a short description and that's it. It records where the photo was taken and at what time plus what the weather was like and sorts them into chronological order. 
photo view option
It's a really lovely and easy way of looking back through what you've been up to etc. I can look back at my bump growing and looking through the ones of Baby D are ace, seeing her change. One of my favourite tags that I use is 'firsts', I've got her first bath, first giggle, first roll over, first tooth and the list goes on. All the photos are stored online so don't take up space on your device and if you lose your phone or whatnot they are not gone forever but can be restored.

It costs £3.99 through the App Store and to me is worth every penny!

Let me know if you have it or get it and what you think of it.

Dawn x

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