Sunday, 12 July 2015

Less mess with Baby Led Weaning when you're out and about

There's no getting away from it, Baby Led Weaning is extremely messy (and fun!) Having dogs is very helpful as they munch on all the bits and bobs Baby D throws onto the floor but what do you do when you're out at a friend's house, a cafe or restaurant? I'm not comfortable with leaving a great mess for others to tidy up - I'll end up on my hands and knees under the table picking up crumbs and things: not great in a restaurant setting. At the beginning of weaning I used to just breastfeed Baby D instead of giving her solids when we were out and about but now she's a year old she wants solids and won't be fobbed off with boob! Don't get me wrong, she still breastfeeds pretty often but in addition to solids not instead of any more. Here's some of my tried and tested ideas for less mess when you're away from home.

Ready made foods:

Kiddilicious make brilliant little wafers, they come in banana, blueberry or carrot and handy little packets of two. They make hardly any mess at all. 

Mini rice cakes. There are loads of different makes of these on the market but the ones. I buy are the Boot's own brand organic ones. They have less sugar and salt than the others and come in plain, orange, apple flavours. 

Bread sticks. I buy the mini ones from whichever supermarket I'm in. They can be a bit salty though so I only let Baby D have one or two.

Homemade foods:

- Frittata - I'll make a 2 egg frittata using whatever vegetables I have in the fridge, cook it really thoroughly then chop up into bit sized pieces. Although bits will inevitably fall on the floor they are easy to pick/sweep up. Here's a recipe for Baby D 's favourite frittata.

- Raw vegetable batons - carrot, cucumber, courgette, peppers.

- Pancakes, better still breastmilk pancakes. Recipe.

- Tortellini without any sauce added.

- Cheesy/vegetable breadsticks. Recipe coming soon...

- Eggybread.

Bits and bobs:

I'll always have a few bits in the changing bag for food on the go:

- A Munchkin To-Go Bib (can buy from Amazon, Asda or Tesco). It's specifically designed for when you're out and about. It's made from wipe clean (or stick under the tap) plastic with a pocket at the bottom for catching bits. Then when you're done it all tucks in neatly and sealed with Velcro into the pocket so any sticky or mucky messes are tidied away when you're finished to pop back in your bag without getting the contents of your bag dirty or you can use the attached loop to dangle from your bag. They have cute designs too.

A Tommee Tippee Weaning Straw Cup. Nice and compact with little handles for little hands. We chose to go with a straw cup instead of a sippee cup so that Baby D can learn to use a straw. So, in an emergency we can use a normal straw in a normal cup.

OXO Tot Baby Blocks storage containers. They are meant for storing puréed foods in the freezer but as we are doing Baby Led Weaning there is no purées involved so I use them as useful sized containers for travel. They seal nicely and don't leak plus they come with a tray to put them in.

- Handysitt High Chair. This is the same as the ones they have in Starbucks and other eateries and folds down flat so you can pop in the back of the car. It simply hooks over and attaches to a dining chair (except the really high backed leather/fabric ones). Baby D loves hers and feels like part of things sat up at the table with everyone.

Well hopefully that might help if your little one is starting on solids! Happy weaning.

Dawn x

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