Monday, 4 May 2015

Getting back to fitness post baby...or at least attempting it

After Baby D arrived and having to do pretty much nothing except nurse, change nappies, nurse, nurse and nurse post emergency c-section I started to feel rather unfit and squidgy. During pregnancy I’d got really into swimming and gone 3 times a week in addition to walking the dogs for an hour a day and was feeling really trim…as far as a pregnant lady can.
So, I set about trying to gradually build up my fitness. I had to start really slowly as my caesarean recovery wasn’t as good as many other mums and I found it quite uncomfortable and sore doing anything physical.

Walking the dogs is where I started. I didn’t go on my own as I couldn’t bend down to pick up poop for a few weeks so always went along with hubby and pop Baby D in the buggy. As I got stronger I was able to put Baby D in the sling and a dog lead in each hand and even go for walks on my own! I've now got to the point where I am walking faster than I did pre-pregnancy even whilst carrying an 8.5kg baby on my front. I do however find it slightly hard work and when I get home often have to down a pint of water and have a good sit down. But as Baby D gets bigger and heavier I'm getting stronger and fitter which is making it easier all the time.

Walking the dogs is all very well but it's nice to have a bit of variation and a chat with fellow humans (other than Baby D who isn't much of a conversationalist yet being only 9 months old). So when I was approached by a very friendly mum with a leaflet about Buggy Walks I was super interested. A group of local parents or carers, grandparents etc go for a walk along with buggies and babies (or a sling and baby in some cases, me included) every Monday morning. I've been going for a few months now, it's such a lovely thing to do.
Buggy Walking in Filton
Each walk starts at 10am and lasts around 45 minutes, the first Monday of the month is in Stoke Gifford, second Monday is Cheswick village by the MOD, third is Patchway and fourth is Filton. The pace is fast enough to increase heart rate but slow enough to hold a conversation. The routes vary and it's nice exploring new places. After each walk we all go to a cafe for a cuppa (and some cake if we're feeling naughty). They are a friendly bunch, I've made some nice friends and look forward to having a good work out each Monday. Although if the weather is a bit grotty I have to force myself to go but always have a nice time once I'm there regardless. Its a free activity, you only have to pay for your tea and cake and you don't have to go every week, just go when you fancy. You can find this group on Facebook, further information for others in South Gloucestershire on the council website and other walking groups on the Walking For Health website. 

My next step is to start swimming once a week. Watch this space!

Dawn x

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