Friday, 29 May 2015

For anyone wanting to breastfeed but having problems

Just a quick one...

...I've noticed a surge of articles being shared online and popping up in my newsfeed about mums who wanted to breastfeed but didn't get the support they needed to continue and stopped as a result. 

It seems to me that the very people we assume to be experts on breastfeeding (midwives, GPs, nurses and Health Visitors) seldom are. My experience in hospital with a one day old wasn't great in respect to breastfeeding. When I had a bit of trouble getting Baby D to latch I had six (yes six) different people 'help' me. All but one were midwives. Two of them grabbed the back of Baby D's head and shoved her face into my boob and held it there whilst she screamed and screamed. I wonder why she didn't latch????!!!! The last lady to help me was a Healthcare Assistant. She had several children of her own all of which she'd breastfed and she wasn't overworked and rushed like the midwives were. She was kind and gentle and helped me to get Baby D to latch. It took about 30 seconds and we'd cracked it. I was so pleased! 
When I got home I was lucky enough to have a home visit from a midwife who definitely knew her stuff when it came to breastfeeding but after talking to numerous fellow mums she was an exception rather than the rule.

It seems that the support is there but you have to seek it out which is not the way it should be. Please give my post about maximising chances of success with breastfeeding a read.

I heard some brilliant advice recently: "If you don't feel joy when breastfeeding seek specialist advice immediately. Time is of the essence". This came from a breastfeeding expert April Whincop who is a Lactation Consultant and knows everything there is to know about breastfeeding. Lactation Consultants are the experts! Please please please, if you're having troubles and wish to continue breastfeeding call one. Here's a link to find one near you. 
A consultation will cost money but is way way cheaper than a year's worth of formula.

Dawn x

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