Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sometimes this is so difficult!

I've been trying to sit down to write my next blog post for a week now. It has been such a hard thing to do.

Poor Baby D has been sick. It started off with teething and the emergence of her two first teeth...quickly followed by a nasty cold...followed by a horrible ear infection. I didn't know the true meaning of the term 'clingy child' but I certainly do now (thank goodness for slings!) There were times when I merely crouched down to pick up something off the floor thus being out of her view for a maximum 5 seconds when she'd wail in protest. Visiting the bathroom for a quick wee became a trial and naps in her cot were a no no unless I was there to hold her hand. It turns out lying down when you have an ear infection is very painful so sleep evaded her and myself for a good fortnight.

There was the odd occasion when after hours and hours I'd finally get her off for a nap and I thought I could get a bit of writing done but was thwarted by the arrival of the postman - cue (my) dogs barking like the house is under attack or the telephone ringing only to find it's one of the super annoying automated messages about injury compensation or other such rubbish and waking Baby D. Then I'd be back to square one.

Also gone are the days where Baby D would happily breastfeed whilst I did a spot of emailing, writing or social media on my tablet or phone. Now as soon as anything gets anywhere near her she's off the boob and trying to grab the sparkly, shiny, glowing thing. She's on the edge of crawling too...

And, lastly when I do successfully sit down at the laptop one or both of the dogs have to come and 'help'...

So I apologise for the radio silence recently. It certainly won't be the last time but rest assured I am trying! Uh oh, she's just woken up...

Dawn x

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