Sunday, 26 April 2015

I'm a Cloth Bum Mum

It was Reusable Nappy Week last week so a tiny bit late but I thought now is a great time to talk about our experience with cloth nappies.

I always thought I'd be a cloth bum mum but early on in pregnancy decided we'd start off with disposables until we found our feet (I knew nothing about babies, see my introduction post) then switch to reusables.

When Baby D got to about 10 weeks old my hubby brought up the subject. We worked out that in her first 10 weeks of life we’d sent around 600 disposable nappies to landfill. This disturbed us somewhat, especially as we are waste haters...I'd done a little bit of research online about cloth nappies and quite frankly had gotten rather confused by all the different styles, brands and jargon. I found it all a bit too much for my little sleep deprived brain to take and had kind of chickened out of giving it a shot. He on the other hand and to my surprise had done lots of research and had decided he’d like to give it a go straight away. He ordered a couple of Close Parent Pop Ins. When they arrived I was really pleased with the lovely patterns he’d chosen: A blue and orange one with hippos on and a pink and turquoise one with Russian Dolls on. Over the next week or so we tried them, washed them, then tried them again and decided actually this is way easier than expected and ordered a couple of bundles of new generation V2 Pop Ins. They are super pretty.

When we were using disposables we'd have poop explosions that necessitated clothes changes at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. Poop all the way up Baby D's back or all up the front depending on if she was in a buggy, carrier, bed or whatnot. They also always seemed to happen in Tesco…not sure why?! Now, after 28 weeks of using them we have had 5 poonamis in total and only one of those was full on bad…in Ikea. And of course it was on the one occasion I’d forgotten to pack a spare outfit so hubby had to run off to the nearest clothes shop and buy an emergency outfit. This in my opinion is reason enough to prefer cloth never mind the environmental impact. We think we’ve stopped approximately 850 nappies going to landfill since switching to cloth and Baby D is only 9 months old. We do however use disposables at night. It’s a bit of a guilty secret. The reason being you need extra boosters in nighttime nappies which make the nappy so huge I was worried she’d be uncomfortable. We will try them in the night soon, watch this space.

The Pop Ins are birth to potty sized, you just popper them up to make them smaller and undo the the poppers to make them bigger. Baby D is now on the second-to-largest popper setting. At first they seem rather big and bulky but as baby grows the relative size decreases. We find that we have to choose trousers more carefully. H&M and Next make beautiful cloth bum worthy baby trousers. And there’s something so cute about a big cloth bum!

Something that I really notice is the smell of disposable nappies. Until we started using cloth I had no idea how much disposables smell. They stink of a weird chemically sort of smell combined with wee. Ewww. I guess it’s the absorbent gel stuff that’s in them that smells. I really like that cloth doesn’t contain any chemicals or weird smells other than the obvious. And the ones we use are made from bamboo which is naturally antibacterial.

Washing is surprisingly easy. It does however take a bit of effort and is a bit of a faff. I do a nappy wash every third day. I use non bio powder with a bit of natural nappy sanitiser and do a rinse at the end to get rid of any residual powder. They take a little while to dry but if the weather is nice out on the line they are dry in a day.

What about poop? Well, inside the nappy I use biodegradable liners made from corn starch. So, when the nappy gets pooped in you just take the liner out and flush it down the loo. Simple!

I really love cloth nappies and I feel that I’m doing my bit to prevent waste and stuff going to landfill. Baby D’s little bottom doesn’t come into contact with chemicals all the time and she looks super cute in her colourful bums. Quite a few of her baby friends also wear cloth nappies, it’s nice to have a few kindred spirits around.

Dawn x

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