Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Magic Cream

Ok maybe it's not magic but it's darn good! I use it every day.

At the beginning of my breastfeeding journey I used lanolin on my nips after each feed, it really helped keep them supple and eased the soreness. However I got thrush in my nips and Baby D’s mouth (due to IV antibiotics at the caesarean section killing off my gut flora) and lanolin is not a good thing to use at this point as it sort of seals in the infection and makes it worse. So, I had to find an alternative. There were lots of nipple creams at the chemist but they all had loads of chemicals in and I wanted something natural considering I was nursing Baby D so frequently some was bound to go in her mouth. I'd read that coconut oil was good for practically everything including it being anti bacterial and anti fungal so tried that. It worked surprisingly well. But, as it was a long hot summer and coconut oil melts at a very low temperature it frequently melted so much I'd spill it all over the place and make a right greasy mess. Then I had a brain wave. Why not make my own nipple cream? So, I took to the internet and did some searching. I came across a recipe on a blog called Just Making Noise: Sound Bites from a Deaf Mama. It's a lovely blog by a lady called Marillyn who is a missionary in Honduras. She blogs about parenting and healthy and natural foods etc, well worth a read - her recipes are especially good. I thought I'd give the nipple cream recipe a go.

I had to buy some of the ingredients online and it takes a few days to make as you have to infuse the oil but it's essentially quite easy. It smells like coconut biscuits and is lovely and soft. And it works brilliantly. It's extremely soothing and healing. I've never used lanolin since. Although I knew that lanolin is derived from sheep wool I’d never really thought about it much and reading the blog post with the recipe Just Making Noise opened my eyes and now I’m slightly dubious about it.

I used this cream on my nips after each feed for weeks, but now I don’t need to use anything at all. But I’ve found its great for all sorts of things. I use it on Baby D’s bottom and she has never had nappy rash since. I also put it on her skin when it gets dry and it has got dry a lot recently with the weather as we’re out in the elements a lot walking the dogs. I even use it on my caesarean section scar! And hubby uses on psoriasis. I’m sure its great for lots of other stuff too. Why not give it a go?!

Dawn x

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