Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Baby Friendly Restaurant: The Swan (Almondsbury)

Last week we had our first successful and enjoyable visit to a restaurant since Baby D was teeny tiny (when she’d easily fall asleep anywhere and be no trouble at all. She now grabs EVERYTHING and needs entertaining all the time).

We went to The Swan at Almondsbury for a family birthday meal. We booked a table for 7pm so it was dark outside but the car park was really well lit which made getting a Baby D in and out of the car much easier. Brownie points earned before we even got inside!

I noticed they had a small outdoor play area for younger kids which looked rather sweet and outdoor seating if it's a nice day. On arrival it was busy but not heaving and we were shown to our table complete with IKEA Antilop high chair - our favourite as we know Baby D fits and will be comfortable. With our past meals at other places having been disasters or at least extremely unrelaxing I did my very best to be prepared. I tried to get Baby D to have a nap beforehand...and failed dismally but she seemed perky enough. I brought her lunchbox complete with 'unmessy' foods: sticks of courgette, carrot and cucumber and strawberry flavoured rice cakes for dessert, sippy cup, wipes and bib plus a few toys. We did a bit of pass the baby whilst we browsed the menu and ordered.

It was fish night or 'Seafood Soirée' as I think they put it, made me chuckle a bit. All their dishes are seasonal and locally sourced where possible. There was a good selection on the menu and it changes week by week. I had salmon with chips and salad. It was absolutely delicious. You could not fault it in any way. Yum.

And everyone else I was with also had really good food, all super. My husband reliably informed me they had a good selection of real ales. And there was a kids menu but of course Baby D is a little young for that now.
Baby D tucked into her finger foods very happily and took great interest in what was going on around her. There was a gentleman sat on the next table who she kept staring at intently, poor guy!

The atmosphere was nice, it's clearly a popular place with just the right amount of hustle and bustle and we were seated in a low traffic area so we're able to watch the goings on without being in the way (me hopping up and down collecting food thrown everywhere by Baby D).
The bathroom was absolutely spotless. I really hate it when you go somewhere, have great food etc then go to the bathroom only to find it all grubby. None of that here, it was so clean! And the baby changing facilities were convenient with no steps to negotiate if you had a buggy or whatnot. 

We had such a nice evening, no stress at all. The staff were friendly and accommodating, the food was great and reasonably priced, the general vibe was good and we felt very welcome. We will definitely be returning. A great baby friendly restaurant. 

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