Sunday, 22 February 2015

Breastmilk Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Baby D is 1 month into her baby-led weaning and I wanted her to be able to join in the fun on Shrove Tuesday by making her pancakes too. So, I made her a stack of mini breastmilk pancakes! I wasn't sure if it would work particularly well but to my surprise it worked a treat and tasted exactly like ones made with cow's milk.

I used the Delia method but substituted the cow's milk for breastmilk, here's a link:  Delia Pancakes And of course I didn't put lemon and sugar on them, just a bit of fruit purée or plain. Also using those proportions would make way too many pancakes for one baby! I have a stash of breastmilk in the freezer so defrosted one of those. It just so happened there was 120ml so mixed that with 50g of plain flour and 1 egg (combined the flour and egg first then gradually added the milk whilst whisking).
I used a mini frying pan about 14cm in diameter and used a tablespoon and a half or so batter for each pancake which made 10 pancakes all together. Needless to say that is still way too many for a baby in one sitting so she ate 3 and I popped the rest in the fridge to eat the following couple of days.
I'm so pleased they were a success, I need to find some more ideas for using the freezer stash up now!

Dawn x

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